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Corporate Sponsors

CBA provides various avenues in which corporations can engage and collaborate as sponsors.

Corporate Sponsors are representatives of major corporations who serve as an external advisory panel for the program; they are vital components of the CBA.  Sponsors provide strategic advice and guidance regarding the program’s learning objectives and curriculum, participate in classes by providing guest lecturers, sponsor a 10-month, analytics consulting project, and provide important financial support to the program. Classroom and corporate sponsored projects will be geared toward business intelligence, data analysis techniques, business decision making, and focused on real-world corporate opportunities with the potential for high economic and market impacts.

Benefits of Corporate Capstone Sponsorship

  • Results of a business analytics capstone project conducted by a team of 4 MSBA-BA students with appropriate skills.  Receipt of a professional level, business case and a formal presentation by students of the capstone project results.
  • Preservation of corporation’s rights to intellectual property, data and product generated as a result of the work performed by the MSBA-BA students.  MSBA-BA students and Virginia Tech waive their rights to intellectual property, data and product associated with the capstone project.
  • Membership on the CBA Advisory Board and the opportunity to provide strategic advice regarding the program’s learning objectives and curriculum.
  • Opportunities for interaction, engagement and a value-based exchange of knowledge between Virginia Tech faculty and students.
  • Recognition of sponsorship on the CBA website.
  • Opportunities to participate in classes by providing guest lecturers and invitations to participate in business analytics symposia, conferences, workshops and Zoom sessions.
  • Opportunities to meet MSBA-BA students including recruiting events, custom interview sessions, posting of job openings and internship opportunities with corporate sponsors and guest lecturing in business analytics classes.
  • Meet with faculty and students to gain insight into CBA research collaboration opportunities.

For more information on how to become a corporate sponsor, contact: Linda Christie, Director 540-231-2566