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The Masters of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in  Business Analytics (MSBA-BA) is offered by the Pamplin College of Business and supported by the College’s Center for Business Analytics. As the premier analytics leadership school, Pamplin’s MSBA-BA program’s mission is to produce next-generation, high-impact business analytics leaders.

5 Need to Know Facts About the MSBA-BA Program

  1. Open to all students from all majors
    Don’t be discouraged if you feel you don’t have the right academic background for this program. The MSBA-BA program accepts a wide variety of students from a multitude of majors. While it’s more common for a student in the program to have a business background, our current cohort features students with undergraduate degrees in Engineering, Music, Fashion Merchandising, and other majors as well. We want students with good communication skills and an interest in analytics. Your undergraduate degree isn't our main concern.

  2. The program is only 11 months long
    Many other Master’s programs in Business Analytics take up to 2 years to complete. Our students are immersed into a comprehensive, intense program that prepares them for professional roles in problem solving and analytics in less than one year.  Students who apply during their junior year may be eligible for the accelerated program that allows them to complete the program in even less time.

  3. Curriculum structure
    The program requires completion of 30 credit hours, consisting of a 15 hour business core and 15 hours of analytics courses, including two courses focused on a corporate sponsored capstone project. Students learn quantitative modeling techniques for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics as well as state-of-the-art data visualization principles and techniques. Moreover, students develop project management and consulting skills expected of high-impact business analytics leaders.

  4. Cohort-based
    The program is full-time and limited to a maximum of 40 carefully selected students who commit to being "all in" for the duration of the program. Our educational approach emphasizes teamwork, real-world problem solving, and experiential learning. You will receive personal mentoring from seasoned business executives on all aspects of your professional development, including giving and receiving feedback, resume preparation, interview coaching, career counseling, networking, and help with targeted business contacts.

  5. Capstone Project
    The capstone project is the cornerstone activity of the MSBA-BA program. This 10-month journey challenges students to work in four or five person teams on real corporate projects that have significant strategic importance to corporate sponsors such as Leidos, Boeing, Advance Auto, Norfolk Southern, NASA, and many other organizations. Students’ final deliverables include the preparation of a professional consulting report summarizing their findings and recommendations as well as a formal presentation to executives of the sponsoring organization.