Our next MSBA-BA student spotlight is on Chris Kendall from Danville, VA!  Chris graduated from Virginia Tech in spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Management concentrating in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology.  Before this, he received his Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration from Danville Community College, which helped Chris figure out what he wanted to do with his career. 

Chris is currently a full-time manager for Virginia Tech’s dining services and is completing the MSBA-BA program part-time. While working full-time and being a part of the program requires a considerable amount of time management, Chris states that he has an enormous amount of support from both his coworkers at Hokie Grill and his fellow classmates in the program.

Chris chose the MSBA-BA program because he knew that the skills required for business and data analytics are invaluable to advancing his career. 

He states, “a cohort based curriculum adds a seamless transition in the business world where team based projects are exceedingly prevalent. I believe having a more complete understanding of project management will be crucial to succeeding in today’s business climate.”

Chris will be graduating with Cohort VI in 2022 and hopes to use his background in the food service industry to aid small and large restaurants and food distributors better understand the copious amounts of data that they may not be using efficiently.  He states, “the colleagues and connections I’ve made so far have been vital. Although the knowledge I’m gaining will undoubtedly be helpful to advancing my career path, the people I have met will help me open new doors and reach plains I’ve yet to conceptualize.”