Welcome back to the Cohort V Student Spotlight Series. For the month of March we are highlighting different women who are in the MSBA-BA program for Women’s History Month. Our first feature is on Stefanie Mutter from Sterling, VA.  Stefanie completed her undergraduate degree at Muhlenberg College, a small liberal arts school in Allentown, PA, where she majored in Computer Science and double minored in Statistics and Analytics.

Over the past few summers, Stefanie has worked for Boolean Girl, a non-profit that's working to increase young girls' interest in STEM. In undergrad, Stefanie witnessed firsthand the disproportionate number of female students in her computer science classes, and it’s something that she’s really excited about changing.

Stefanie chose the MSBA-BA program because she wanted to complement her technical knowledge with business acumen. She states, “In my undergraduate experience, pairing a Computer Science major with minors in Statistics and Analytics helped me find that my real passion lies in understanding, analyzing, and interpreting data. The combination of my undergraduate degree and the MSBA-BA program has set me up perfectly to continue my growth as an analytics translator.” 

Stefanie is seeking a full-time position for post-graduation! In her time at Muhlenberg, she learned to have a well-rounded, interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Ultimately, she would love to find a career that allows her to use this interdisciplinary approach, along with her MSBA-BA skill set, to contribute to projects that strive to find solutions to issues such as social justice, healthcare reform, gender equality, or climate change.